Ahoy Mates! The Vol Navy awaits to set sail

For the Tennessee Volunteer football fans who enjoy water sports, or just being out on the water, the Vol Navy has a special place.

The Vol Navy is basically a group of water enthusiasts who come together a few hours before each UT home football game. There is no need to own a boat, or have been associated with the U.S. Navy. Anyone with a nautical Vol spirit will be welcome.

The Vol Navy fans all converge at the river docks located along the riverbanks of the Tennessee River outside Neyland Stadium and begin a party hours before each game. Usually it lasts until about midnight after the game.

Yacht owners to jonboat owners are welcome members of the Vol Navy. So anyone who can navigate a vessel from any creek, stream or other tributary that feeds into the Tennessee River and to Neyland Stadium prior to game time are welcome. The earlier your arrival time the better. Some of the larger boat owners arrive days before the game so they can get their spot along the docks. The Vol Navy of course has protocol that all boaters are asked to follow in order to keep safety in check as well as courtesy to all other boaters.

For more information and additional details all you have to do is Google “The Vol Navy” on your internet connection.

For those who don’t have a boat, the Vol Navy has that covered as well. The Vol Navy holds a VIP deck party on a large boat docked adjacent to the stadium. This boat would be the Queen Priscilla. The party on the Queen Priscilla begins about three-to-four hours prior to kickoff. It ends about an hour before kickoff. Reservations and a fee are required to participate in the party. There is plenty of food and soft beverages. Space is limited for the boat spaces as well as the VIP party boat.

The countdown to the first home against Georgia State is drawing closer. What a neat way to end a journey up or down the Tennessee River. Chances are you will be rubbing elbows with many Tennessee Volunteer fans.

If opposing team fans show up and they are nice they are welcome. If they become a problem, they may have to walk the plank.

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