“We’re going to study the pros,” Vols Def. Coordinator Sal Sunseri 

Vols football Defensive Coordinator Sal Sunseri is one of the major changes this year for the football squad. “Coach Sal” told the Journal that he is extremely excited to be at UT.

Sunseri said his method of training and coaching is to look at the best in the business, watch what they do to succeed, and emulate them. 

Sunseri talked about being an All-American linebacker at Pittsburg. He later went pro as a Carolina Panther defensive line coach in 2007. He joined the Alabama Crimson Tide coaching staff in 2009 where he helped take the team to the National Championship.

“I got to Alabama, and the first year we won a national championship, and last year we went 11-3, and this year we won a National Championship. I’ve been blessed to be where I’ve been the last three years.”

Referring to the 1982 Sugar Bowl when Herschel Walker “ran over” him, Sunseri recalled, “I took my son to the exact spot where Herschel  got me and said, ‘Listen, this is where Herschel ran my butt over,’ Believe me he has heard that story a lot. You try to educate your kids what to be and what not to be.”

Sunseri said he wants players to emulate the pros, “One thing you have to do if you want to get a great pass rush is, you got to go get tapes of the pass rushers in the National Football League, and show them what they are doing. Take them and study them. The coach has got to study them.  We are going to go out with John Fox, who’s a friend of mine. We are going to go see them.  We are going to go visit other places.

“These kids love to see pro athletes doing what they are doing and emulate that,” he said.

“I have been around some pretty good coaches. We are going to utilize the people I know and we’re going to get better.”

By Dan Davis

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